• Society Sites. Custom websites for medical societies

    Society Sites.
    Custom websites for medical societies

    Society Sites is a premium, full-service web development company that specializes in medical societies. We handcraft customized websites for medical professionals and their specific needs.
  • Website Design

    A thorough design of the user interface, color scheme, datastructure, and usability are needed before any work is begun. A great website will make your association look professional and intelligent.

  • Coding and Development

    After the design is complete, we begin to code your website using the latest web tools and widgets. Your website will work across all browsers and on all devices.

  • World Class Hosting

    SocietySites only uses the fastest hosting services which include solid state drives, super fast caching, and worldwide access points. Even if your server goes down, your site will still be available.

  • Security

    Bots are constantly trying to poke holes into every website to extract usernames, emails, and other personal information. We take this very seriously. Multiple layers of security ensure your data is safe, backed up, and protected from hackers, server meltdowns, or even overzealous Admins.

  • Branding

    Before we begin work on your project, we rebrand you. A new color scheme, logo, and overall style are created to give your organization an improved look and feel. We then use this design for all of your web presence, letterhead, business cards, etc. Overnight you will look like a Forture 100 company.

  • Social Media

    Connecting to your base easily and unobtrisively is the key to social media. We will assist you in creating your social media presence. We also tie your website into these portals for easy dissemination of your important news topics.

  • Membership Management

    Let's face it running a membership website can be a drag. No one remembers usersnames and even doctors need assitance loggin in sometimes. If you would like for us to take care of these daily headaches, this is an option.

  • Dues Management

    Would you rather not have to deal with dues payments, collecting money, registering members, or ensuring those who expire no longer have access? This can all be automated with our dues management system.

  • Event Registrations

    Event registrations can become very complicated. Just give us the details and we will create a comprehensive, beautiful event registration system where all of your members can register and pay for events.

  • Custom Profiles

    Every association has a different set of data they like to record from each member. We can custom tailor membership profiles for an infinite number of different membership types.

  • Admin Data Access

    With our system, you will have 24/7/365 access to all of your data in one place. You can set up as many admins as you like and each can have specific access to specific parts of your data.

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Websites have become the new company headquarters. Make it look nice and be functional.
Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We will completely remake your entire web presence from top to bottom from color scheme, to logos, website, and social media.
Membership Services

Membership Services

If you would like our team to manage membership areas such as registrations and events, we can do it.


Need assistance with any aspect of making your web presence bigger and better? Just ask.

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We have had the privilege of working wit some of the most-active state, national, and international communities.  Here are some of the recent projects we have completed. 

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